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About Crowdmining Limited

Crowd Mining Limited is a legal British Private Limited Company with a registered address 58 Barking Road, London, United Kingdom, E13 8HL with the number # 12312323. The story of Crowd Mining Limited began at the end of 2017, with the idea of ​​mining as a service and building mining farms in London. Since our foundation, we have grown tremendously, and now in recent months, we have decided to give this opportunity to all the individuals around the world to be a part of this growing community.

Now Crowd Mining Limited gives its users a unique opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency mining business without requiring a substantial initial investment in hardware or having any particular technical knowledge. We provide a safe environment for members to start cryptocurrency mining and grow their fortune without having to pay for any significant configuration or implementation cost which apparently gives them full control of the process without the need to be a hardware expert. By these explanations, who can accept to miss the great opportunity of mining and earning among professionals.

Our Future

  • Whitepaper

     ICO coming soon

  • Exchange

     Crypto exchange

  • Blockchain

     Blockchain research

  • Mining

     Cloud mining Tech

Crowdmining Technologies

Secure platform

Manage your funds easily in total autonomy with the help of our secure platform.

Diversified Plans

Benefit from our extensive expertise through our highly select, yet a diversified range of investment plans and portfolios

Trusted Experts

Your investment will be in the hands of our trusted experts to make the right investment decisions

Smooth Mining

We exist to make the exploitation of cryptocurrencies a smooth, stimulating and enriching experience for all

Our Team Members

Viktor Meyers
Chief Financial Officer
Maria Carlotta
Chief Communications Officer
Andrew Burke
Chief Technology Officer
Katie McGrace
Chief Human resources Officer
Alex Seidel
Chief Marketing Officer
David Drake
Chie Foperating Officer
Alan Clare
Chief Development Officer
Cathy Dormer
Chief Information Officer

Key Advantages of Crowd Mining


Our guaranteed fast payments make us one of the most favourite investment companies

Professional Team

We have a large number of experts, so that the entire company operates efficiently

Quality service

Servicing over 2.000.000 customers from 100+ countries


We use powerful servers to protect our customers' data

Multiple mining algorithms

Supports multiple minable cryptocurrencies and 6 main mining algorithms

Daily Mining Outputs

Since its establishment in 2017, more than million transactions have been made

Referral Commissions

Our clients not only invest profitably with us, but also receive additional profits by participating in affiliate program. Invite other people to participate in our investment project and get a nice bonus to your income!

  • 4.00%Level A
  • 2.00%Level 2
  • 1.00%Level 3
  • 0.50%Level 4

UK Company Certificate

We are a legal company registered in the UK and provide investment services to members from all over the world.

Company Number:#12312323 Company address: 58 Barking Road, London, United Kingdom, E13 8HL


We value transparency and do our best for you to know all about our company.

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Latest Deposits

cousitony Jan-25-2021 08:30:01 AM    $400.00 currency_icon
lieuphe Jan-25-2021 08:22:14 AM    $1900.00 currency_icon
inter1908 Jan-25-2021 08:10:41 AM    $12.00 currency_icon
nalack Jan-25-2021 08:03:31 AM    $510.00 currency_icon
natch Jan-25-2021 08:00:02 AM    $550.00 currency_icon
hyipforinvest Jan-25-2021 07:56:08 AM    $30.00 currency_icon
Oveass Jan-25-2021 07:44:48 AM    $100.00 currency_icon
affiliateprogram1977 Jan-25-2021 07:44:45 AM    $210.00 currency_icon

Latest Withdrawals

labould Jan-25-2021 08:35:01 AM    $36.00 currency_icon
almeth Jan-25-2021 08:35:01 AM    $12000.00 currency_icon
extooke Jan-25-2021 08:34:01 AM    $12.00 currency_icon
nevency Jan-25-2021 08:34:01 AM    $1800.00 currency_icon
pectivark Jan-25-2021 08:33:44 AM    $18.00 currency_icon
museltook Jan-25-2021 08:33:01 AM    $3000.00 currency_icon
hichit Jan-25-2021 08:32:02 AM    $30.00 currency_icon
Gated Jan-25-2021 08:32:02 AM    $60.00 currency_icon